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In 2010, give thanks to Professor Jean-Pierre Daures ( University Montpellier-Nimes) , the university of Montpellier ( France) creates the DIU MANOSMEDI : ( Diplome interuniversitaire Mediterraneen de Mastologie, International Mediterranean Diploma of Mastology) and agreed that the Mediterranean association is the exclusive official provider of the Senology (Mastology) education that leads to this certification.

The candidates, physicians in practice or residents, in order to obtain the diploma are supposed to register in 4 courses of their choice, one of the four should be done obligatory in Montpellier University ( 4 days course) and to pass the written exams that will be locally proposed at the end of the courses. The diploma is equivalent to 10 ECTS and should be transferable to European universities.

Administrative aspects

• Students in Medicine ,Residents in Medicine or Pharmacy, physicians, midwiwes

• Entry level : Baccalaureat + 4

• DIU cycle : 3rd cycle

• Study duration : 4 cycles of 20 class hours and 5 hours of tutorial classes , the lectures are given in English and French simultaneously.

• Validation : 100 hours required

• Registration requirements : « chefs de clinique » or pharmacists or medical doctors, specialists in endocrinology, gynecology, medical or chirurgical oncology, pathologists, epidemiologists, radiotherapists, radiologists, biologists

• Registration fees : 0 euros

Overall educational organization

Training sessions :

• Lectures : 4 x 20 hours

• Tutorial classes : case analyses in radiology, epidemiology ; 4 x 5 hours

• Training period : none

• Student’s homework : none

The topics of the courses are:





Exams :

One session each year at the end of training

Written examination with multichoice questions MCQ

Control session : 60 minutes

Conclusive statement :

- accepted or rejected.

- graded on a scale of 20;

  • note < 9 : rejected; 9 < note < 10 : oral session with jury members;
  • note ? 10 : oral session if necessary then admitted


Educating physicians who are interested in this specialty as well as professionals from various specialties, but working on breast pathology, interested in the latest news in all areas concerned, this thanks to the lectures of international specialists

Original features:

- International diploma supervized with Geneva WHO Organization ( in process)

- “Roaming” diploma, i.e. occurring in each of the Mediterranean and European countries ( project)

Lectures are upgraded every year. The diploma is linked to national and international events in Surgery or Gynecology , Radiology or Endocrinology, so that we can benefit from the resources of this events, which are mainly congresses

Educational committee of MANOSMEDI Diploma Headed by Prof J-P. DAURES (University of Montpellier-Nimes)

+ Members designated by each team in each country where the curriculum takes place (local lecturers)

+ Members of the Executive committee

Speakers : There are two groups of speakers;

+permanent speakers

+ national speakers depending on where the curriculum takes place; the latter validated by the Scientific committee

Financial assessment of the DIU

The degree operates as follows: For the « chefs de clinique » or residents, each team leader must financially support his students

  • Pedagogical tools: The tools from the current major event (rooms included) are made available to our curriculum organizers. This means all the high end material being used for such events.
  • Practical organization

At the end of each session :

  • The Educational committee members identify the list of the candidates for whom we can validate the 4 years and consequently the certificate These candidates fill out the forms on site or by mail

The forms should be returned to Prof J-P. DAURES by mail to the following address : EA2415 Epidemiologie, Biostatistique et Sante Publique IURC 641 Avenue du Doyen Gaston Giraud 34093 MONTPELLIER. France

  • Prof J-P. DAURES and Prof.J-B. DUBOIS will sign and forward the documents to the Montpellier Medical School
  • By the beginning of the next school year, the diploma is sent by mail to the successful candidates by the Educational committee .